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Our Autism Services

Community Outreach

Program aimed towards spreading ABA and autism awareness in the community and offering FREE services for the community.

There is a growing need in our community for ABA services, not only for families with a child with a diagnosis, but for spreading awareness about behavior management and how ABA can be useful in everyday lives!

  • Free Parent Training Presentation: We offer this training on a monthly basis for anyone interested in learning more about autism and a new diagnosis, an introduction to the principles of ABA, how it can be implemented, and how to look out for funding.
  • Free 8-Week Parent Training: This program is tailored to families that are interested in learning more about ABA and receiving parent training to improve their child’s communication, social skills, and reduce problem behaviors. Parents will receive on-going weekly training for 8 weeks to learn how to implement ABA procedures to work on specific goals they have selected with their child. Families that are a good fit and qualify for this program will be determined on a first-come first-served basis.

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